Feedback on our trip to Champagne

Domaine Jacques Selosse is undoubtedly the most emblematic domain of this generation. Anselme Selosse produces wines in a unique and daring style, and maintains a passionate relationship with his terroir and his work. 2020 corresponds to Guillaume’s second vinification campaign at the Jacques Selosse estate. It is totally unusual and it is a real privilege to be able to taste this vintage in barrels at such an advanced stage, we even think we can say that it is a first. The options taken by Guillaume, supported by his father Anselme, both in the vineyard and in the chain, take the wines to yet another dimension. Above all, this proves that a transmission is not just a perpetuation, in this case everything, really everything suggests a bright future for the Jacques Selosse estate. Not at CDP, partners for 15 years to reveal its contours, but we are far from having reached the limits of what this field can still demonstrate. Totally bluffing.